Takeshi Hiyama
Vital statistics
Name Takeshi Hiyama
Species Human E.V.O.
Aliases Wildfire
Base of operations The Rag-tags' hideout
Affiliation(s) The Rag-tags
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Orange
Eye color Yellow
Abilities *Pyrokinesis
*Enhanced Speed
*Enhanced Strength
Weapons Wooden pole
Allies Rex Salazar
Enemies Voodoo (sometimes)
Further info
First appearance "Dominion"
Portrayed by: Roger Craig Smith
Images | Quotes
I'm never the first choice...but I'll always do my best.


Wildfire, real name Takeshi Hiyama, is the leader of the Rag-tags.


Takeshi grew up in a middle-class home in San Francisco, but ran away after becoming an E.V.O. to avoid having his family ostracized. He was eventually found by a zombie-like E.V.O. As s/he could not speak, Takeshi decided to call his new friend Voodoo. Voodoo led Takeshi, and another E.V.O. named Al, to New Orleans and convinced him to create a gang of E.V.O.s who had been rejected by normal humans. During this time, Takeshi took the moniker Wildfire to further distance himself from his former life. At the formation of the Rag-tags, Wildfire was chosen to be leader.


Wildfire is somewhat hot-headed and enjoys thrills, but tries hard to be a responsible leader. He enjoys being an E.V.O. and the powers that come with it.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Wildfire's appearance is based off of Japanese Kitsune; he is a tall and muscular teenaged boy covered in orange fur and fox-like features. Half of his head is shaved, and his eyes are yellow. He wears a fire-retardant biker outfit, and his Rag-tag kerchief as a belt.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

E.V.O. PowersEdit

  • Wildfire can sprout and propel up to seven "tails" of fire at once.

Non-E.V.O. AbilitiesEdit

  • Wildfire knows tae-kwon-do, is a skilled skateboarder, and is fluent in Japanese.


  • Wildfire has his name written in kanji on his skateboard. It is spelt 日山 (Hiyama) 猛 (Takeshi.)</li>

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