This page is comprised of Yumi Sakurakouji's relationships with other characters in the series.

Relatives Edit

Love interests Edit

Kenji Yamabuki Edit

Yumi and Kenji know each other since childhood

Allies Edit

Rex Salazar Edit

Agent Six Edit

Bobo Haha Edit

Doctor Holiday Edit

Noah Nixon Edit

White Knight Edit

Akira Kazami Edit

Ren Johnson Edit

Austin Walker Edit

Edwin Bluestein Edit

Enemies Edit

Van Kleiss Edit

Yumi's relationship with Van Kleiss was complicated. They first met when she, Rex, Noah and Bobo Haha to Abysus by The Pack. Later, when Yumi was crying out loud while lamenting the death of her late friend, Michiru Tachibana when Rex's life was threatened by NoFace, Van Kleiss slapped her in the face to silence her, which worsened her hatred for him.

References Edit

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