Vital statistics
Name Zyron
Species Energy being
Physical description
Eye color Dark blue
Abilities Energy Manipulation
Gravity Manipulation
Relatives Hikari Primus ("mother"/creator)
Allies Caesar Salazar
Enemies Rex Salazar, Agent Six, Dr. Holiday, White Knight, Hype, Falcrowe, Xul Wang, Axel Bronx, Luthor Bronx
Further info
First appearance Parenting 101
Portrayed by: Angelina Jolie
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Zyron is a being made of pure energy and was an accidental creation by Hikari.



When Hikari was trying to trigger her energy blast in the BDS Training Facility in Iceland, she released a powerful one and it shaped into a small orb of pure energy. The scientists tried to contain it but instead they kept it there. Overnight, it evolved into an energy being with a humanoid shape.



Zyron dissappeared of the radar when Hikari fell into coma. It left in search of a way to bring her back.


Years after leaving, Zyron returns to see Hikari no longer at the BDS Training Facility. It searched for her to find her at Providence. It received a warm welcome from Hikari.


Even though some people sees Zyron as an emotionless body of energy, Zyron actually has feelings.  It can emote and even laugh sometimes. Zyron never forgets a deed. If its good, it'll do anythingto pay them back and if its bad, it'll do anything for revenge. Zyron is very protective when it comes to Hikari.  It's not afraid to sacrifice its life to protect her.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Zyron is a blue energy being. Its outer form is dark blue while its inner form is light white-ish blue. Zyron has dark blue eyes.

After being almost destroyed, it turned into  a light blue orb of energy.

When in the new mechanical body Hikari built, it looks like a young girl around five years old with long black hair and dark blue eyes. Zyron would sport on a sky blue summer dress and knee high lavander boots.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Energy Manipulation: Energy manipulation is Zyron's most commonly used ability. It can control any type of energy in any form. Zyron can also absorb energy from living things to regain its strength.
  • Technopathy: Zyron has the ability to communicate with machines. It can also merge with machines when using this ability.
  • Gravity Manipulation:


Hikari PrimusEdit

To Zyron, Hikari is its 'mother'.  They're relationship with eachother is similar to Alpha and Caesar's bit a lot more friendly.

Caesar SalazarEdit

After seeing him walk with Hikari, Zyron started to think of him as its father, the same way it thinks of Hikari as its mother. Caesar somehow didn't mind this since he liked the thought of being Zyron's father.

Rex SalazarEdit

To be added...

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